You’re only as good as your storage

You’re only as good as your storage

When it comes to disaster recovery, quick and reliable access to data is vital. ContinuitySA’ investment in the latest and greatest storage software is a clear differentiator.

By Patrick Monyai, Cloud Engineer, ContinuitySA

It’s now widely recognized that data is the brightest of all an organisation’s Crown Jewels—certainly those stored on its IT systems. Consequently, the ability of a disaster recovery capability to maintain access to that vital data with the shortest possible interruption is a key performance metric. To deliver the quickest and most reliable data recovery to our clients, ContinuitySA must keep abreast of the latest trends in storage.

Given the huge amounts of data and their importance, storage architecture is obviously a key consideration. In line with global best practices, we find it’s best to store data on a dedicated storage-area network (SAN) rather than on production servers. A SAN can expand to accommodate expanding amounts of data much more easily and economically.

Another benefit is that the SAN can be virtualised, which means that the infrastructure can be used optimally. Virtualisation also means that data recovery is both faster and more reliable—most important when vital data has been lost. And because our storage uses flash drives, recovery speeds are further improved.

As we are a disaster recovery partner for organisations, and even provide disaster recovery as a service, we also replicate data across our various sites to provide double and triple assurance. In the future, ContinuitySA  will also  offer  hybrid solutions that makes use of Hyperscale’s to further enhance our offerings in the market. We see this as a tremendous growth area and focus on these types of solutions will only intensify, which makes it so very important to ensure that we have the right tools available to manage these complex storage environments. Hence our drive on having the Best-in-Breed technology and partnering with the industry leaders ensuring we can manage these solutions 100%, one-hundred percent of the time!

Automation is a growing trend in computing generally, and is playing an increasing role in storage, particularly when it comes to managing multiple sites and clouds. For example, configuring replications across such a complex environment for a large number of clients can be extremely time-consuming (and error-prone) if it is done manually—automation makes the process much more accurate and ensures everything is done on schedule. With all ContinuitySA Cloud solutions you know you get the latest technology to support your environments with the necessary expertise to manage it.

The technology continues to advance at breakneck speed. Partnering with ContinuitySA, however, makes great performance affordable for organisations of all sizes.