Why DRaaS Could Save Your Business

Why DRaaS Could Save Your Business

Without ensuring reliable backup and recovery of your servers and data, your business is at risk.

Many factors such as industrial action, extreme weather conditions, routing upgrades or hardware failure can all lead to extensive loss of data, the consequences of which could be catastrophic to your business.

Disaster Recovery as a Service, commonly known as DRaaS, is a comprehensive portfolio of services that offers a potential solution, however does it offer the full service that you would expect unless it is properly managed by a company with many years of expertise and a proven track record providing DRaaS.

In the ‘safe hands’ of a competent organisation like ContinuitySA, who efficiently design, set up and manage every facet of your customised data protection, you can have absolute peace of mind to focus on your business.

ContinuitySA offers a three tiered approach to DRaaS:

Server replication – Includes fully managed offsite data recovery centres to which you replicate your servers. Servers can be failed over in minutes. This protects physical, virtual and cloud hosted servers.

Managed Virtual Server hosting – Used for production hosting or secondary live servers. You are able to increase or decrease resources such as storage and memory at any time, without having to re-provision your servers.

Managed backup – Expertly managed disk based backup reduces your backup window, dramatically shortening backup times. Primary backup devices can be located at your premises, replicating to the recovery centre eliminating link bottlenecks.

There are substantial cost benefits to moving to a DRaaS model which also frees up your IT staff to focus on other projects.

ContinuitySA offers 24/7 expert advice, management, monitoring and reporting to give you…….