Healthcare risksWe continue our exploration of the top risks faced by organisations in the South African health care sector.

Skills shortages. Specialist human resources are a feature of the health care industry but they are in short supply. An organisation can find itself reliant on certain individuals who cannot easily be replaced. Exacerbating factors include high attrition rates in the sector owing to low morale, and lengthy recruitment processes.

Crime. While all South African businesses face high risk from criminal activity, health care companies have a higher risk because goods/samples/specimens are often stolen from research and / or storage facilities because they form critical evidence impending court cases.

The loss of years of research findings, or the theft of patient information during a robbery also constitutes a risk as the findings are often irreplaceable and patient information can be highly sensitive in nature.

Inadequate buffer stocks. Industry standards stipulate that health care facilities must carry at least 30 days’ worth of buffer stocks. Complicating factors for health care providers to adhere to these regulations include the limited shelf life of some products, and a lack of funds to build and manage stockpiles.

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