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The CSA Experience: Lynette Smit

What did you do before?

I worked as an Office Manager / PA at Sykes

What attracted you to CSA (Why you chose CSA) ?

When I came for my first interview in 2001 and I met Allen Smith and was employed as his PA, I was so drawn by his warm and down to earth nature and great sense of humor

What do you think are your most important achievements since you’ve been at CSA?

I would say being involved in the implementation and creation of the Complete Continuity Training which has proved to be a resounding success

Your greatest CSA experience:

I can’t narrow it down to one specific thing, working here for the last seven years has been the greatest experience of all

CSA in a sentence?

Sorry but I can’t put what I want to say in one sentence. I have to do it in a paragraph.

Over the years I have worked for numerous companies but since I joined CSA I have never been happier. What you will find here in this company, you will rarely find somewhere else.

You can have a great debtors and creditors book and even outstanding financials, but without great managers, I ask the question, how successful is your business? Your managers are what make a company and this infiltrates through to the rest of the staff. Here at CSA, the entire management team are incredible. They have so much compassion for the staff and have done so much over the years that not many other companies would do. They genuinely care about and each persons well being and their road to personal growth and development. I have never known a company like this before. In the last seven years, there has never been a day I have not wanted to go to work. In fact, I often had to be chased home. I can’t even remember what it was like anymore when I used to get that dreaded Sunday feeling when I had to go back to work on the Monday morning.

I think what makes CSA such a great success, is that it is like a family and not just a company. The entire management team stand so united and are passionate in what they believe in and care so much about the welfare of the staff. They are so customer focused and all have the same common goal. This in turn filters down through the rest of the company and it shows in the way we treat our clients and go the extra mile so willingly.

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