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The CSA Experience: Anthony Askew

What did you do before?

Shareholder in a contact centre recruitment and training business and then in 2 bookshops in Cape Town.

What attracted you to CSA (Why you chose CSA) ?

Recruited through an agency and knew that sales was the way to go.

What do you think are your most important achievements since you’ve been at CSA?
  • The privilege of working with some really fantastic people in the last eight years or so.
  • Helping to grow the company from something small to an established organisation today with some exciting prospects and opportunities.
  • The opportunity to establish Globility
Your greatest CSA experience:

Seven closures in a month (November 2002 or 3 – can’t remember the year)

CSA in a sentence?

Going to work every day with the excitement and challenge of new opportunities and better still undertaking it with your extended family!

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