The cloud and business continuity: Outsourcing infrastructure to the private cloud

The cloud and business continuity: Outsourcing infrastructure to the private cloud

By Renier du Plessis, Cloud Manager, ContinuitySA

The cloud can be used in a multitude of ways to improve an organisation’s resilience. It can be used to provide backup and disaster recovery services to organisations but it can also provide a way to make the primary production infrastructure itself more resilient—and more cost-effective too.

For decades, the default has been an on-premise corporate data centre to provide IT services to the organisation, backed up by a disaster recovery site, often provided by a specialist third-party provider like ContinuitySA. But over the years, more and more organisations have begun to look for alternatives to the on-site production data centre—such facilities are enormously costly to implement and run, and require a significant investment in skilled (and often hard-to-find) IT staff. They are notorious consumers of scarce management time as well.

Outsourcing the primary site to a third party reduces both the capital and operating costs associated with a data centre, and reduces the management burden considerably too. But instead of outsourcing to an ordinary data centre, why not to a business continuity and resilience provider like ContinuitySA? In that way, the production capabilities will themselves benefit from the high availability and robustness built into ContinuitySA’s own systems—while also taking advantage of the cloud’s pay-as-you-use costing model.

The big choice is between the public and private clouds. The public cloud is generally considered to be insufficiently secure while the private cloud offers the same flexibility, scalability, and performance but with better control and security of the data.

Using a private cloud supplier like ContinuitySA provides the same benefits as the public cloud but at a much higher level:

  • Security. Private cloud solution provides a dedicated platform, so environments are not shared with others.
  • Greater customisation. Since you’re the only user on your server setup you’ll be able to completely customise it to your liking, including server hardware, software, operating system and more.
  • Extreme reliability. With your production hosted at a service provider who already has the necessary infrastructure and resources in place to run the physical equipment, you can rest assured that at least one risk is mitigated, and your business is that much more resilient.

Organisations considering a move into the cloud must spend the necessary time to find a solution that fits their strategy. It’s always a good option to partner with a trusted service provider that can guide you with navigating the many options available today.