Survival depends on your business resilience

Survival depends on your business resilience

Business resilience is any organisation’s best defence against unforeseen events, and the goal of any business continuity plan.

By Jeremy Capell, GM: Advisory Services, ContinuitySA

Organisations are threatened by a multitude of risks. This has always been the case, but today’s connected, global business world creates a risk landscape that is more complex than ever before. And when a risk does materialise, the consequences are far-reaching and unpredictable.

While risk profiling and management remain critical building blocks of any business continuity plan, a significant event that was considered to be highly unlikely, or was unforeseen, is more likely to occur. These Black Swan events are highly disruptive.

Because it’s impossible to identify all the possible risks, and anyway would be physically and financially unrealistic to prepare contingencies for each one, organisations have to work at becoming resilient—that is, innately prepared to recover from any disaster.

We at ContinuitySA live and breathe resilience. Thus, while we seek to provide the best quality of fully managed services to help our clients prepare for and recover from disasters, we never lose sight of the fact that the principles underlying business continuity must be integrated into how the company operates. Only then will it be resilient, with the best chance of recovering from whatever happens.

The ability to recover is the hallmark of resilience—learn how we help clients develop this capability in the next blog.

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