Your silver lining is a cloud

Your silver lining is a cloud

The advent of the cloud computing is changing the face of business continuity—with big benefits for our clients.

By Bradley Janse van Rensburg, Chief Technology Officer, ContinuitySA

The cloud computing model is based on the Internet, high-speed, affordable bandwidth and virtualisation. With this in place, vendors have invested hugely in data centres which provide computing power, storage and applications effectively to users anywhere in the world. In this way, a growing range of digital products can be quickly bought and supplied “as a service”—in other words, without the costs and disruption of buying the hardware, implementing and/ or developing the software or managing the underlying business processes.

Need more storage? Need a highly sophisticated customer relationship management system? Need a PBX? These are just some of the items one can purchase from cloud providers as a service for an agree per-user cost, month by month.

Another important point: some clouds are public, others are private. Thus a company might use the public cloud for applications or data that are not sensitive, while core systems would typically be run via a private cloud, protected by encryption of one kind or another.

We at ContinuitySA see this “as a service” model as a game-changer for our clients. In subsequent blogs, I will explore how we are using this model to deliver better services at reduced cost to our clients.

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