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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Professional disaster recovery without the need for capital investment or management input.

IT systems and the data they house are the platforms for business, and thus sustainability depends on the organisation’s ability to recover systems and data in the event of a disaster. As a result, business resilience has become a board responsibility under the King Code of Corporate Governance.

Designing, testing and maintaining disaster recovery systems and facilities is both expensive and highly specialised, expensive and needs to be supported by ironclad business processes. It can distract corporate IT teams and wreak havoc with IT budgets.

Leading companies across Africa are accessing the disaster recovery expertise they need by purchasing disaster recovery as a service from ContinuitySA, Africa’s leading provider of business resilience and continuity solutions.

With more than 28 years’ experience in the industry and some of the country’s leading practitioners on our staff, we are able to provide a complete disaster recovery solution aligned to your organisation’s risk profile and budget. And because our experience is complemented by our adherence to applicable business, industry and legal frameworks, our disaster recovery solutions genuinely ensure your data is protected and you can continue operating.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering is built on three foundational offerings, which ContinuitySA combines to craft the right disaster recovery solution for individual clients:

Server Replication – By replicating a “bootable virtual image” of your servers to the ContinuitySA data centre in line with predetermined Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives, clients gain virtually instant failover in the event of a disaster. Server replication protects physical, virtual and cloud-hosted servers.

Managed Virtual Server Hosting – Leveraging the power of the cloud to provide servers that can be used either for production in the event of a disaster, or as secondary live servers. The service is totally managed, our engineers handle all the support and maintenance, from software upgrades and patches to monitoring. Our data centres use high-performance enterprise hosting platforms and storage networks, designed to support even the most demanding workloads.

Managed Backup – While server replication can solve the challenge of getting servers up and running within the shortest time possible and with minimal data loss, regular backups still have to be kept in order to comply with company and other regulations. Say goodbye to time-consuming and unreliable tape backups; ContinuitySA provides expertly managed disk-based backup for both physical and virtual servers. This modern technology reduces the backup window and dramatically shortens restoration times—it’s also much more reliable than tapes.

Technology Service Solutions from ContinuitySA: