Virtual server hosting and recovery solutions

ContinuitySA’s virtual server hosting, backup and recovery solutions enables companies to harness the power of the cloud computing model to build a resilient enterprise for our clients, and ensure quick recovery from disaster.

According to InformationWeek, IT downtime costs $26.5 billion in lost revenue globally, resulting in a loss of productivity, reputational damage, financial losses, and the loss of sensitive or irreplaceable data. Additional expense was incurred procuring costly technical services in the attempt to recover lost data.

ContinuitySA’s Cloud services include everything from virtual server hosting to server recovery and backups. We make cutting-edge, cost-effective technology solutions available to clients on the as-a-service model. These solutions include:

  • Virtual Server Hosting allows clients to replicate to virtual machines hosted in ContinuitySA’s sophisticated data centres, reducing cost and risk.
  • Server Recovery provides a specialised service for getting servers back up and running in line with pre-agreed service-level agreements.
  • Backup as a Service: Research shows that 77 percent of data backups are unusable when needed. Over-reliance on tape backups is one cause. We automate, manage and test backups to ensure they do work, and data can be restored quickly.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service. This approach uses puts a proper, tested disaster recovery solution within the reach of all companies—without the need to set up their own disaster recovery capability.

Technology Service Solutions from ContinuitySA: