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Standby Services

World class Recovery Centres

Standby Services from ContinuitySA provide companies with state-of-the-art recovery environments in which to recover their critical business processes should they be unable to function in their primary place of business for any reason.

A wide range of supporting continuity and availability solutions leverage off high quality bandwidth and virtualization technologies to provide innovative recovery solutions that are robust, scalable and able to meet any level of IT Continuity requirement.

Secure, resilient infrastructure

ContinuitySA understands the importance of security and resilience, and our recovery centres are designed with these aspects in mind. All electronic equipment is protected with UPS and backup generator power that allows our facilities to operate continuously in the event of a power outage. Access to and within the recovery centres is strictly controlled, placing emphasis on the protection of our clients’ valuable information and resources.

Recovery testing

Recovery testing forms an integral part of a successful Business Continuity strategy, and our highly maintained and fully operational recovery environments enable our clients to regularly test their recovery procedures in order to build the confidence that their businesses can be recovered to a consistent state.

Our experienced and dedicated support staff are available to assist our clients with their recovery process, the co-ordination of tests, or the complete management of the entire recovery process.