Work Area Recovery

Work-Area Recovery

Flexible, reliable work area recovery services that ensure your staff can continue to service your customers from alternate premises.

Natural disasters, industrial action, and interruption of vital utilities… these are just some of the reasons why a company’s primary facilities may not be usable. While some staff can work from home, large companies cannot rely on the “cell phone and a prayer” option: they need places where teams can collaborate, access the network and enterprise systems, and use specialised equipment if their jobs require it.

A business disaster recovery plan that every company needs

ContinuitySA’s Work-Area Recovery provides clients with last-resort office, call centre and trading premises that allow staff to keep on working with the minimum of disruption. We have decades of experience in this area, our solutions are highly flexible and, most important of all, we are committed to regular, thorough testing so that everything works just as it should, when it’s most needed!

Our business disaster recovery services are offered as follows:

  • Clients share the cost of seats in the ContinuitySA Work-Area Recovery facility. This reduces the cost considerably, but increases the risk that the seats might be in use when a company requires them.
  • In this case, a company has its own seats in line with its business continuity management plan. Costs are obviously higher, but risk is correspondingly reduced.
  • Dealer seats come with the specialised handsets and other technology required, and may be syndicated or dedicated.

Resilient office Service solutions from ContinuitySA: