Managed Office Space

Managed Office Space

True plug-and-play managed office space for the company focused on enterprise resilience and convenience.

Managing an office or business centre today is increasingly onerous and expensive. Along with finding the right furniture and ensuring the right branding and facilities, office managers must undertake the difficult task of providing for power and water cuts as well as communication and IT outages. It’s a thorny problem with a quick solution: Managed Office Space from ContinuitySA.

Why a serviced office space is a good idea

This option provides far-sighted companies with the option of acquiring primary office space within a ContinuitySA data centre. In this way, they can access office space run to the same high standards as our Work-Area Recovery offering on a day-to-day basis. We offer this top-quality office space as a fully managed service, which means that it is totally hassle-free with just one bill to pay for rent, light, water, technology and technical support, furniture and so on.

And just one service desk to call.

The solution can be tailored to each client’s requirements and could also include disaster recovery and full business continuity management.

Resilient office Service solutions from ContinuitySA: