Colocation data centres

A totally secure colocation data centre environment is ideal for companies that do not want to set up their own data centres.

IT and hence data centres are now key to virtually all businesses. As a result, a comprehensive IT disaster recovery capability is vital to ensure business continuity. For many companies acquiring and managing a second data centre for disaster recovery does not make commercial—or any other—sense. The solution is renting space in one of ContinuitySA’s state-of-the-art data centres.

Avoid data centre design costs with a co location service

Indeed, because data centre design services as well as running a data centre are both highly specialised and capital-intensive, many companies are moving to co-location as a way effectively to outsource their production data centre to a specialist like ContinuitySA. This growing trend is enabled by the availability of affordable, reliable and plentiful bandwidth, taking enterprise resilience to a new level.

Resilient office Service solutions from ContinuitySA: