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Business resilience management solutions

Businesses require facilities to provide alternative working space for their staff in the event of disaster and to house their fall-over data centres. ContinuitySA has been offering business resilience management services for decades—and now this same level of reliability is available for primary office space too.

Real estate and all of the associated costs in both time and money, not to mention a loss of focus, represent one of the highest fixed overheads for any business. Those costs are greatly increased by the need to provide for IT disaster recovery sites and alternate work areas for staff when production sites are inaccessible for whatever reason.

Decades of experience in providing bullet-proof business resilience

ContinuitySA can change this equation radically. We have decades of experience in providing the bullet-proof infrastructure and network on which clients can rely when disaster strikes. We work closely with our colleagues in Advisory and Technology Services to craft business resilience solutions to our clients’ business continuity management plan. To ensure peace of mind and allow clients to maintain their focus on their core business, our Resilient Office Services solutions are all fully managed.

Resilient Office Services

In addition, far-seeing companies are increasingly looking to us to provide a fully managed, resilient and flexible solution for their primary office requirements.

Our Resilient Office Services fall into three main areas:

Work-Area Recovery: Alternate office and call centre space when your normal offices cannot be used.

Managed Office Space: Primary office space tailored to client requirements and offered as a service.

Co-location: Fully managed space in our data centres for client IT equipment, either for disaster recovery or production.

Resilient office Service solutions from ContinuitySA: