Detect threats early on

Forewarned is forearmed. The truth of the old saying has never been more true than in the Digital Age, with its vast array of threats and sophisticated cybercriminal networks. We can help your organisation monitor the global threat landscape, and prioritise threats.

We also have sophisticated methods for identifying enemy vectors—criminal and terrorist organisations are in constant flux, with virtual organisations forming to attack specific targets.

Our range of solutions includes:

  • Breach Detection: Too often, organisations are unaware they have been breached. Our systems will detect any breach rapidly.
  • Intrusion Prevention Solutions: We protect your network’s vulnerabilities.
  • PhishNet: A scanning system to protect against phishing attacks.
  • Vulnerability Scan: Continuous scanning of Internet-facing systems to protect against phishing attacks.
Detect Threats

Cyber resilient solutions from ContinuitySA: