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Backup and Recovery from ContinuitySA

Backup your critical data to a secure offsite location

The prolific growth of company data and the pressure of applying recent technological developments such as virtualisation and data centre consolidation are placing increased pressure on IT departments to cope with the effective backup and recovery of critical data to meet business and regulatory requirements. The cost, reliability and labour intensive nature of tape-based backup add further complexity to traditional methods, especially as those IT departments grapple with ever decreasing backup and recovery time frames.

Secure Storage

Our backup and recovery solutions provide clients with the ability to backup data to a known secure offsite location in order to facilitate the recovery of an ICT system or entire data centre in the event of a major business disruption. This can be augmented by an on-site backup repository in order to cater for high-speed local data backup and recovery.

Ease of Recovery

Recovery of systems is easily facilitated onto virtual or physical servers enabling you to test the integrity of your backup data. The knowledge of a successful, verified and tested backup set is single handedly the most comforting concept for an IT manager.

Value Proposition:

  • No capital expenditure or licensing of backup software is required; all technology components are included in the managed service
  • Complete recovery to a consistent state in the event of a disaster invocation
  • Proven shorter backup windows
  • Secure offsite storage of data to a known location
  • Backup frequency is scheduled to meet business requirements
  • Backup and recovery can be performed locally or remotely
  • Through the benefits of data de-duplication and compression, thousands of backup sets can be retained as long as required
  • Data is encrypted before transmission and during storage, ensuring high levels of information security
  • Easily and quickly scalable
  • Your IT staff are freed up to focus on business projects