Business continuity risk assessments, services and solutions

ContinuitySA offers a range of fully managed services aimed at helping clients understand their business continuity risk, as well as the opportunities risk often uncovers, in order to support long-term organisational sustainability.

Make risk management and business continuity a priority

The risk landscape is constantly shifting in today’s business and socio-political environments. Risk is a consequence of the constant change that characterises the 21st Century, but it is also often the harbinger of new opportunities as well. In such an environment, managing risk has never been more important—or more difficult.

ContinuitySA advocates an approach that looks beyond risk management as a compliance exercise.

  • Ensure organisational sustainability by factoring in environmental and socio-economic risks and opportunities to support long-term profitability.
  • Create enterprise growth and value by protecting not only the organisation’s financial value but also its reputational value and, of course, its people.
  • Protect the organisation from external risks, including cyber-attack, social media, and regulatory change.
Our services include:

Enterprise Risk Management



Management solutions from ContinuitySA: