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Advisory Services for business resilience

ContinuitySA’s Advisory Services team is focused on tailor-making resilient management solutions that help clients overcome their unique challenges, and achieve their specific strategic goals.

In a time of fast—and accelerating—change, organisations need to be able to respond to the unexpected and recover vital business processes quickly. Developing a cohesive business continuity strategy and enhancing overall enterprise resilience is the difference between success and failure in this world.

Advisory Services

Tailored business resilience solutions

ContinuitySA understands that to be effective, a business continuity solution must be tailored to each client’s specific circumstances, risk profile and business goals. At the same time, solutions must align with the leading standards and best practices, as well as the law, in order to promote good governance and ensure maximum efficacy. With more than 25 years of experience as Africa’s leading provider of business continuity services and the continent’s largest dedicated team of qualified and experienced resilience consultants, ContinuitySA is ideally placed to provide services that span the resilience spectrum, from anticipation to preparation and response. Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end solution or a quick health check, or anything in between, we are ideally placed to assist.

In addition, we are the only advisory services provider that has a Training Academy, ensuring transfer of skills to our clients.

We work closely with our colleagues in Technology Services and Resilient Office Services to help you scope and develop a business continuity solution that is relevant to the risks and opportunities you face, covers your blind spots, and provides a solid plan for when things go wrong.

We offer a range of fully managed business resilience services to support clients’ long-term sustainability:

Risk: Ensuring clients understand the risks (and opportunities) they face.

Resilience: Strengthening an organisation’s ability to adapt to change and disruption.

Recovery: Helping clients to respond to, and recover from, unexpected incidents.

Management solutions from ContinuitySA: