Rising to the backup challenge

Rising to the backup challenge

ContinuitySA’s long-standing partnership with ExaGrid and Veeam provides organisations with the swift, reliable and cost-effective backup they need for peace of mind.

By Garth Davis, Cloud Engineer, ContinuitySA

Data has emerged as one of the most valuable assets in the corporate treasure chest, so it follows that backup has become a critical part of business strategy. Reliable backups that are quick to restore are a No. 1 priority when it comes to building organisational resilience.

But there are challenges! Data is being produced in vast (and growing) volumes as organisations digitalise and the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes shape. In addition, all that data is not stored in the same place, and is likely to be found in the traditional on-premise data centres as well as public and private clouds. Backing up and restoring data across that heterogeneous landscape is a challenge of its own.

It goes without saying, cost-effectiveness is always an issue for CIOs and their colleagues responsible for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Based on our more than 30 years of experience in developing and delivering resilience services to clients across the continent, ContinuitySA uses ExaGrid appliances combined with Veeam software to meet the data-backup challenge.

ExaGrid provides a dedicated backup appliance that has been designed to be easy to use and highly effective at maximising the amount of data that can be stored on it. The most current backup is stored on a landing zone, from where it is easily accessible in the event of a restore being needed. Longer term storage is also provided in which the data is deduplicated to optimise use of the hardware.

All the data is encrypted, so it’s secure both in flight and at rest.

To give you an idea of what all this means in the real world, consider the case of Hologic, a global health care and diagnostics company. It stores massive amounts of highly sensitive data, as you might imagine, and its backups were taking over 24 hours to complete. Moving onto ExaGrid has reduced that backup time by 65% from 24 hours to 3.5 hours without many significant changes to their backup software.

Also important, the time taken to do an instant restore is 80 seconds—the business is never without its data for long.

Another important feature of ExaGrid is that it is easy to add capacity as data volumes grow by simply plugging in another appliance; all ExaGrid appliances work together within a single system, and the net effect is to ensure that the backup window remains constant even as the amount of data to be backed up increases.

ExaGrid has been designed to be easy to use, and does not require specialist skills to operate—a member of the existing IT team can configure the system easily using “point and click” technology.

One of the reasons ExaGrid works so well is that it incorporates software from Veeam, a leading provider of data-availability software. ContinuitySA is a Veeam Platinum Partner, which means we can access the highest levels of support from both Veeam and ExaGrid. Both companies score highly on measures of customer satisfaction.

Quick, reliable backups, low total cost of ownership and the knowledge that you have ContinuitySA watching your back—that’s the winning formula.