Why resilient office space ticks all the boxes

Why resilient office space ticks all the boxes

Organisations looking for plug-and-play office space should consider the resilient option.

By Ryan Felix, Business Development Manager: Western Cape, ContinuitySA

Real estate forms a significant part of any organisation’s operational and capital expenses. It also consumes vast quantities of management time and energy, especially as the need to provide for contingency planning in respect of power and water shortages, communication and IT outages, and general security grows—particularly in the context of heightened awareness of the need for proper business continuity planning.

For many, the solution is using office space in data recovery centres run and maintained by specialist business continuity management providers, such as ContinuitySA.

The logic is compelling: the recovery centre is designed to be highly resilient because it operates as the ultimate fall-back for the service provider’s clients in the event of a disaster. It thus has the highest specifications not just in terms of IT equipment but also multiple communications links, power and water backup options and the like. It is also typically located close to transport corridors so that the employees of clients who need emergency office space can reach it easily. Ample parking, canteen space, advanced telephony infrastructure will all already be catered for.

Given its experience in providing office space for its work-area recovery clients, it is a small matter for a provider like ContinuitySA to offer primary office space to other clients. This office space can be customised as needed, including branding, but the real advantage is that it comes with resilience built in, along with all normal office-support services such as cleaning. It can also be managed easily through a single service desk and a single monthly payment.

True plug-and-play Resilient Office Space that comes with built-in resilience for credible business continuity—it’s not hard to see why so many companies are finding resilient office space such an attractive concept.

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