Recovery as a Service for SME Businesses

Recovery as a Service for SME Businesses

Disasters come in many shapes and forms. For small business owners, real disasters can be serious events like fires or flooding, a robbery which leaves you without any equipment, or even widespread regional load shedding. They can also be relatively trivial things, like a burst pipe, political action, an incident which requires a cordoned-off street. Should any of these events occur, the question you have to ask is simple: if I’m not able to get to the office, can I work? And then:  What are the consequences of not being able to work? For a day? For a week? For a month?

The point is, it doesn’t matter what the event is, if it prevents you from getting into your office and getting on with work, you can legitimately call it a disaster. Work interruptions, for a lot of small business owners, cost money. Production suffers, client relationships suffer, the bottom line suffers.

While you probably appreciate the impacts that a disaster might have on your own business, small businesses often don’t undertake the detailed planning needed. Here’s a good article showing what’s involved in putting together a disaster plan and why it’s so important.

As we have all seen during the current COVID-19 crisis, small businesses have been particularly hard hit. In part, this is because they have failed to plan adequately for a disaster—even though one must quickly admit that this particular disaster has caught most of us by surprise. That’s because a proper Disaster Recovery plan, and the necessary resources to enable it, is expensive. And it takes specific knowledge and expertise.

That’s why we’ve created a Recovery as a Service (RaaS) solution targeted at small to medium businesses. This service puts Work Area Recovery (WAR) facilities within your reach. And yes, WAR is just what it sounds like: Chairs, desks, air conditioning and offices in a corporate park.

When you subscribe to RaaS, you get access to a ContinuitySA facility, with packages of between five  and 50 seats available in our Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape facilities. Equipment and services include printing, high-speed internet access, a 24/7 Service Desk and meeting rooms.

The offices are a secure environment with 24-hour security and monitoring, with diesel generators and UPS units providing backup power for all services. Even the water supply is assured, with auxiliary water supply systems catering for municipal service failures.

But you don’t just get office access. On signup, you get a Business Continuity Planning Awareness seminar and a one-hour site tour and client induction engagement.

We’ve got a long history of providing disaster recovery and business continuity services for corporate clients across South Africa and many other African countries, so with our RaaS, you know you’re getting the best. We’ve packaged RaaS with the SME in mind, but it rests on the same disciplines, processes and approaches that ContinuitySA applies in every one of its corporate engagements. For more information how this solution could help your business please visit