The ContinuitySA Recovery as a Service™ (RaaS) is an affordable solution for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) business for Work Area Recovery (WAR). The solution is packaged with the SME in mind to ensure that you have Peace of Mind should your business encounter a natural or man-made disaster in an affordable manner.


  • Syndicated Work Area Recovery seating – (5 and 19)
  • 24/7 Service Desk
  • Internet Access
  • Microsoft licenses per user
  • Use of printer facilities *
  • 1-Day (3-hour) Business Continuity Planning Awareness
  • Use of a meeting room for one hour a day during an invocation (based on availability)
  • A 2-hour site tour and client induction upon signing up
  • Use of other ContinuitySA amenities

Value Proposition

  • Makes you compliant as per audit/insurance requirements
  • Secure environment with 24-hour security and monitoring
  • Multiple diesel generators and UPS units provide backup power to all services
  • Backup water supply systems cater for municipal service failures
  • Debit order monthly and or annual in advance payment
  • WAR service letter – which you can share with your stakeholders

Our facilities are conveniently situated in Gauteng and the Western Cape allowing you comfort in knowing you can quickly recover your resources to a facility of your choice over a critical period.

*Terms and conditions apply.