Protest Action at ContinuitySA site Midrand

4 July 2016


Protest Action at ContinuitySA site Midrand


The ContinuitySA’s premises located in Midrand have been mildly affected by a group of protestors. The protest action is not aimed at ContinuitySA. The protestors have been notified that protesting at our site is not a legally sanctioned event and the police have agreed with the protestors that they will vacate the premises at midday today. The disruption has been limited to the rear entrance of ContinuitySA and clients and staff can access the building from the main entrance at reception.

Police and security forces are monitoring the situation and will act accordingly. The police have been very helpful during this process.

At this stage ContinuitySA has not been impacted in any way except for a slight disruption in gaining access to the rear parking of the building in Midrand.

None of our other offices have been affected.


Michael Davies

Chief Executive Officer

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