Protecting vital technology assets

Protecting vital technology assets

ContinuitySA’s Technology Services portfolio provides critical help in securing ICT systems and networks, without which no business can function.

By Bradley Janse van Rensburg, Chief Technology Officer, ContinuitySA

We all know just how critical ICT systems have become. It’s no exaggeration to say that very few companies can trade efficiently—or at all—if their systems are down. Each hour of downtime translates into lost revenue and productivity, as well as inflicting reputational damage. Worse, the permanent loss or theft of data can render a company liable for regulatory penalties on top of everything else.

As a result, most companies tend to see IT disaster recovery as synonymous with business continuity. While this is a dangerous oversimplification, there is no doubt that every company must have a robust IT disaster recovery plan in place to ensure that its systems can be recovered within stipulated timeframes, and its data protected.

This is a highly specialised area, and can be very expensive if a company attempts to set up and manage its own disaster recovery data centre. In response, ContinuitySA has developed a suite of services that make good use of the latest technologies to enable cost-effective and smooth failover to the backup systems, automated data backups, and cost-effective access to our state-of-the-art data centres. All our services are fully managed, aligned with the business continuity plan, and compliant with international standards.

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