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As businesses have become increasingly reliant on their IP networks for survival, a thorough and comprehensive plan for continued network availability has become integral to Business and IT Continuity planning.

Wide Range of Services

Network Services from ContinuitySA provide clients with a diverse range of network services including Metro-E, MPLS and wireless connectivity, as well as uncontended Internet bandwidth. Our ability to syndicate bandwidth infrastructure with multiple clients allows us to deliver secure, uncontended, highly scalable connectivity solutions at affordable prices.

Rapid Recovery

Connecting to the ContinuitySA network will enable you to rely less on traditional tape backups while facilitating hosted backup and availability solutions that can help to significantly reduce backup windows, RTOs and RPOs.

Secure Offsite Storage

With your systems and data replicated at the Recovery Centre, critical data is protected, up to date and readily available when you need it most, accessible in close proximity to your recovery environment. Recovery testing becomes easier to achieve and can be outsourced entirely, allowing your IT personnel to focus on business projects.

Supplementary Services

ContinuitySA’s portfolio of supporting services provides clients with the appropriate resources to develop practical and demonstrable IT Continuity and Business Continuity strategies. Additional services available from ContinuitySA include:

  • Replication and High Availability Solutions
  • Managed, Virtual and Co-location Hosting
  • Outsourced Recovery
  • Traditional Standby Services
  • Recovery Coordination and Audit
  • Rapid Desktop and Server Deployment

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