Making risk work for you

Making risk work for you

Risk is a constant threat to any business—but it can also hold significant opportunity as well.

By Jeremy Capell: GM, Advisory Services, ContinuitySA

All businesses understand that risk is something that has to be managed in order to give the best chance of survival and, hopefully, prosperity. We all know that in our connected modern world, the risk landscape has become much harder to read, and so to anticipate. At the same time, the consequences when a risk materialises are multiplied greatly.

Not very surprisingly, risk management has become part of the good governance checklist. But we believe that treating risk management as a compliance exercise is actually to miss out on the real benefits that grappling with risk can bring.

To that end, our suite of risk management solutions is designed to focus on the positive outcomes of understanding and mitigating risk—and even uncovering the opportunities inherent in some risk. Our approach aims to:

  • Drive long-term profitability by factoring in environmental and socio-economic risks and opportunities.
  • Create and protect enterprise growth and value by protecting an organisation’s reputation and people, not just its financial value.
  • Protect the organisation from external risks.

Our services cover enterprise risk management, governance and compliance. They are all offered on a fully managed basis to reduce cost and avoid distracting management focus on the core business.

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