Making the BCM programme review work for you

Making the BCM programme review work for you

A BCM programme review is extremely useful but, for real benefit, you need two further steps.

By Wayde Anderson, Client Manager, ContinuitySA

In my previous blog, I made the case for initiating a review of your BCM programme. But just receiving a report of gaps and shortfalls, while helpful, is something of a wasted opportunity. ContinuitySA’s experience is that two further steps make all the difference.

The first is an executive workshop that is designed to help the corporate leaders understand the importance of BCM, and buy into it. As important, the workshop allows the executive team to agree on what the mission-critical business processes are. This is something that is actually hard to establish because each business unit naturally thinks its processes are the most important. This exercise will also reveal what areas of the business the BCM programme should cover—considerations of practicality and cost mean that prioritisation is a necessary step.

Once the workshop has been concluded, it is much easier to begin acting on the BCM programme recommendations. The establishment of the hierarchy of business processes and scope will act as a template for which parts of the review to action, and how many resources to assign to each one.

There’s a final piece of the puzzle, and that’s simulation and testing. This is something that needs to be carried out regularly because no BCM programme can be considered effective until it has been shown to be so: a disaster is no time to discover that some element of the plan does not work, or needs overhauling. Simulating a disaster can provide graphic evidence of how the BCM programme currently works, and then can be used to ensure that it improves continuously. It is particularly important because it shows whether employees understand their roles, something that a plan can never establish.

BCM is increasingly valued because it not only mitigates risk but makes a company more resilient. Reviewing your BCM programme is a very useful tool in ensuring how well yours actually delivers.

The question is – has your BCM program been thoroughly reviewed? Give ContinuitySA a call to assist.

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