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How to get to ContinuitySA

Kindly note should we have a client invoke at any given time or prior to this event, we will notify you of venue change should there be one. Kindly note as of 10 August 2016 the venue for the LAN has changed to our Randburg site.


Parking will be at your own risk and ContinuitySA will not be held liable for any theft or damage.

Parking will be in the basement and notifications of where to park will be provided when you arrive at the site.


Each person needs to ensure that they have pre-registered and done a final registration online to secure final access to the LAN event.

You will need to sign in with your I.D. number, so proof of identity is necessary. Access will be denied should you not have registered before hand or have any proof of identification.

You will then receive an access card to the venue.

The access card will be designated and limited to the gaming areas.

This card is your responsibility and needs to be returned at the end of the event.


Now it is unlikely that anything will grow legs at the hands of a fellow gamer, but just to be sure we have taken some measures to ensure that your safety and your belongings are safe to.

  • The ContinuitySA site is under 24 hours surveillance
  • We have CCTV in and around the site

For extra measure we suggest the following to keep your belongings safe at a LAN.

  • Do not leave items of value lying about, cell phones, watches, games are to be kept safely in your bag and possibly out of site.
  • Take note of the people sitting around you and get to know the people around you.
  • If you see anyone other than those people tampering with the P.C’s and belonging of the people around, confront them or report them.
  • No monitors, pc cases, and so forth are to be removed from the venue other than with ContinuitySA authorisation.
  • If something of yours does go missing, it is vital that you tell the staff at the event immediately. In the case of a missing wallet chances are that one of the staff members might have picked it up.

The following has been arranged for the weekend:

Friday dinner at approximately 6 to 7pm, boerewors rolls will be served with a potato bake dish.

Saturday late lunch / early dinner at approximately 3pm, lasagna with salads will be served.

Lunches and your meals are to be eaten in the lapa only.

The lapa will be open for drinks in these periods and then closed again directly after.

Additional meals are for your account.


A snack station will be placed inside the venue where you can help yourself to snacks over the two days. .


Energy drinks and water will be placed inside the venue to keep you going. .


With the LAN being a three day event we know it will be tough to part from your first love, your PC/Console

So ContinuitySA does not have sleeping facilities but we sure can accommodate you on the floor or for you to sleep in your chair. We can’t be held liable for the pain you might suffer the next day or in days to come. So here are a few things you might want to pack should you decide the floor is the best place to crash:

  • Enough clothes for all the days that you are going to be there
  • Tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, shampoo, a towel,
  • Pillow, blanket and sleeping bag
  • If you are on any sort of medication, you might want to bring that with as well
  • Unfortunately, your partner / wife / husband can’t stay so pack in some extra blankets to keep you  toasty and warm

Alternatively, please make arrangements to stay in the area if need be. This of course is at your own cost.