Business Continuity Management (BCM)—the science of keeping a business operational throughout times of crisis—is a complex undertaking. It is also vital to an organisation’s long-term survival and forms a key element of any comprehensive risk mitigation strategy.

“Creating and managing an effective Business Continuity programme requires a diverse set of skills, ranging from project management and facilitation to specialist knowledge on business continuity itself,” says Tracey Linnell, GM Advisory Services at ContinuitySA. “As Africa’s premier provider of business continuity management services, ContinuitySA offers a range of training programmes in this discipline through its Compete Continuity Training Academy. Our training offers a way for executives involved in business continuity to hone their skills and keep up to date with new standards and industry trends.”

Among the Academy’s offerings is a one-hour session, aimed at giving operational executives a high-level awareness of Business Continuity Management. The session explores Business Continuity Management and covers the reasons for implementing a Business Continuity Management programme as well as how to do it. A more detailed one-day course introduces these concepts in more detail for middle managers.

Two-day IT Service Continuity Training is aimed at executives responsible for the continuity of IT services within their organisation, while the five-day Complete Continuity Practitioner Programme is designed to equip executives in all aspects of implementing, managing and maintaining an effective framework for Business Continuity Management.

“Business Continuity Management is intimately connected to the way a company conducts its operations, and its training needs will reflect that, as well as the specific skills profile of its staff. Consequently, the Complete Continuity Training Academy also offers customised continuity training,” Linnell says.

Customised courses are compiled in consultation with ContinuitySA’s Business Continuity Management Advisory Services to ensure that they deliver what is required, and are aligned with the client’s operational context.

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