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When your organisation experiences an incident it is critical that you have a pre-prepared and tested incident management plan in place. This plan will give you a framework to follow in making decisions and taking actions, under stressful circumstances, to get business back to usual within required time frames. By doing so, you will be protecting revenue and the reputation of your business. Even more importantly, the incident management plan will guide you in taking care of the safety of your staff in any emergency.

In conjunction therewith, an incident communication plan will prepare you to deal with all stakeholders and particularly the media; key in the matter of reputation.

ContinuitySA can help you to develop incident management plans and incident communications plans that address your recovery needs. Our consultants are experienced in developing appropriate strategies and will implement an end-to-end solution that encompasses your plans, and testing and maintenance thereof.

Included in ContinuitySA’s offering, are:

  • Advice and guidance in selecting your Incident Management Team and providing them with relevant training.
  • Assistance in establishing and preparing your designated Incident Command Centre. The purpose thereof is to allow the Incident Management Team to operate without affecting, or being affected by, the operations side of the business.

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