How many parachutes does your business have?

parachute for your businessWhen somebody jumps out of a plane, he or she always has two parachutes in case one malfunctions. It hardly ever happens but when it does, it’s vital there is a Plan B—especially if the parachutist has dependents.

The same logic is true for your company. If the parachute (so to speak) doesn’t open, then the destruction would affect not only your employees but also their dependents—at least four per employee when one takes into account their families, suppliers and their families, the people supported by the tax they all pay and the charities they support—in fact it’s probably more like 10 people per employee in reality.

Such an event is particularly devastating in South Africa, where unemployment is high—officially it’s 25 percent but we all know it’s much higher.

The truth is simple. Nobody—and particularly anybody with responsibilities—would jump out of a plane without a backup parachute. And yet many, if not most, businesses are blithely operating without business continuity plans, despite the fact that the only certainty is change and that Murphy was an optimist.

As Socrates said, “If a man truly understood the consequence of his actions, then he would do no wrong.” Now consider the consequences of a disaster if you don’t have a business continuity plan in place. Think of your staff and their families, your shareholders and other stakeholders and what would happen to them.

And then then make sure you have that second parachute ready, just in case.

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