Get the Business Resilience Advisory edge

Get the Business Resilience Advisory edge

When it comes to building business resilience advisory and ensuring business continuity, having the right advisory strategy is the essential first step.

By Jeremy Capell, Head of Advisory Services, ContinuitySA

To be effective and sustainable, a business continuity plan needs to be tailored to a client’s risk profile and business goals as well as the realities of the specific industry. At the same time, the plan must conform to best practices and leading standards—and comply with applicable laws.

Our experience conclusively shows that if one skimps on this initial work, the business continuity plan is unlikely to generate the kind of competitive advantage it should. By contrast, our team of experienced and skilled consultants can help clients ensure that they understand the risks they face, how to mitigate them and then respond if a particular risk does materialise.

There are other, broader benefits, too. In order to understand how to structure the business continuity plan, our team unpicks each business process and its relation to the whole. Only then will they be able to advise on how the recovery plans should be structured and prioritised. This kind of granular understanding of how the business actually works can help clients improve the way their business works, gaining operational efficiencies as well as building resilience.

We are also proud to be the only provider of advisory services with a training academy to transfer skills to our clients.

Our range of advisory services covers the full resilience spectrum so clients can choose the services they need:

  • Risk—to ensure our clients understand their risks and opportunities.
  • Resilience—to strengthen the client’s ability to adapt to change and disruption.
  • Recovery—to ensure clients can recover successfully.

Each service is fully managed, to reduce cost and impact on the client’s business.

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