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If King IV has its way, the link between risk and opportunity could become much clearer in corporate South Africa—with good consequences. All too often, ERM (enterprise risk management) is seen as a compliance enterprise where it should be used as a source of new ideas for your company.

Many risks and threats to businesses are based on technology, which in itself means that these challenges can also be used as opportunities. In a continuously evolving and changing world, disruption can mean the difference between success and failure for many businesses. A company’s ability to see the opportunity hidden by many risks could be a key driver of its success and long-term sustainability.

At ContinuitySA, we understand how to help companies get the most value from their ERM programmes and systems. We know that the enterprise risk management systems that add the most value are usually simple and integrated into business as usual. Your staff members are already identifying risks and opportunities in the normal course of their work, often without being aware of it. By making them conscious of how important it is to be aware of risks and opportunities, they will start to make their management aware of both.

Enterprise Risk Flipside

Six principles of enterprise risk management programmes that add value

  • Set and communicate clear strategic objectives
  • Ensure that the whole organisation takes responsibility for risk and opportunity management
  • Set the organisation’s risk appetite and communicate it
  • Keep it simple
  • Integrate risk and opportunity management into business as usual

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ContinuitySA is Africa’s leading provider of business continuity management services to public and private organisations. Delivered by highly skilled experts, its fully managed services include enterprise risk management services that are designed to enhance business resilience in an age of escalating threat. Contact us for more information about our enterprise risk management solutions today.

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