ContinuitySA launches enhanced portfolio of enterprise resilient services

ContinuitySA launches enhanced portfolio of enterprise resilient services

New enterprise resilient services approach responds to changing client needs.

By Cindy Bodenstein, Marketing Manager, ContinuitySA

Our ability to serve our clients rests on two equally important foundations. The first is obvious: professional excellence across the entire business continuity life cycle. But it is also necessary to package and deliver that excellence in a way that makes sense to our clients.

This is the thinking that lies behind our enhanced portfolio of services. By presenting our services as part of a portfolio, we empower our clients to tailor-make the solution they need. And by presenting them as fully managed services, we are taking away the administrative and financial burden for our clients, while allowing them to access the specialists they could never justify employing full-time.

Our portfolio is divided into three broad, logical categories: Advisory Services, Technology Services and Resilient Office Services. Again, this approach is designed to make it easier for clients to access what they need when it comes to business continuity and improving the resilience of their businesses.

Our Managed Office Space offering (part of Resilient Office Services) also opens up a totally novel concept: making infrastructure developed for business continuity available as a resource for day-to-day operations as well.

In short, our enhanced portfolio of services offers our clients a better way to create a solution that is right for them, that adheres to industry standards and best practice and that is delivered as a service.

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