DRaaS: 7 reasons why it makes good business sense

DRaaS: 7 reasons why it makes good business sense

Disaster recovery is non-negotiable. The question is why you would want to do it on your own.

By Karven Naidoo, Senior Client Executive, ContinuitySA

“As a service” is a concept that is changing many industries, and business continuity is one of them. More specifically, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is making it possible for organisations to benefit from professionally managed DR at a fraction of the price.

DRaaS employs modern technology to replicate or host physical and/or virtual servers to provide a failover in the event of a catastrophe, either man made or natural. Ultimately, it would enable client’s peace of mind in meeting their defined recovery time and point objectives in line with agreed SLA’s with their respective service providers’.

Here are seven reasons DRaaS makes excellent business sense:

Wise use of management and ICT resources. To manage, maintain and test a DR environment requires constant, expert attention. Managing and manning the DR site itself, along with the necessary communication links, is both time-consuming and highly specialised. If a third party is responsible, the organisation’s own resources are only responsible for monitoring.

Access latest technology. Because it is not core business, in-sourcing DR will in most instances have to make do with outdated technology, whereas a specialist provider will keep up to date not only with the technology but also the expertise needed to use it effectively. Mirroring a heterogeneous enterprise environment is extremely complex, costly and best left to the experts.

Best location for DR site. It is important that the DR site is located in a different area from the primary site, or it may be affected by the same adverse conditions.

Better security. Security is improved on a number of fronts. At the most basic, by eliminating the need for physical tapes to be taken offsite, the potential for loss via accident or hijacking is removed. Further, tight access controls at a professionally managed DR site will ensure the safety of equipment, staff and ultimately, organisations all important data

Flexibility and scalability. Today’s businesses have to be agile in order to navigate a very competitive business environment, and highly responsive to changing customer demands. The same is true of their DR—and by purchasing DR as a service, they can scale it up or down in line with their primary businesses needs and requirements

Reliability. A professional DR provider will have people with the right skills and certifications, and will itself comply with recognised international standards such as ISO22301 and the Business Continuity Institute’s Good Practice Guidelines. It will provide the regular testing that is the basis of continuous improvement and also the only guarantee that the solution will work when it is genuinely needed, and will be able to adhere to agreed service levels.

Another important point is that a specialist DR provider will also have its own DR site, so in effect its clients will have the added peace of mind of dual DR, or DR for DR.

Fast, immediate recovery. Because DRaaS uses the latest technologies and is professionally managed in line with service-level agreements, the ICT environment can be recovered quickly—a vital point for any business as research shows that the longer trading is suspended, the lower the likelihood it will survive.

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