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Disaster recovery is renowned for being both expensive and complex because it is such a vital part of any business. Having a proper disaster recovery solution in place—one that is guaranteed to work when the chips are down—used to be the preserve of banks and big corporations with deep pockets and regulatory obligations. Now, in the wake of King IV and similar codes, the critical importance of IT for a business’s sustainability has made DR a board responsibility.

As a business owner, CTO or IT manager, you know how severely your business will be affected if your IT systems are down for an extended period. Customers and business partners simply will not tolerate the unavailability of a company or its applications due to system failure, however good the reason. If a company can’t trade even for a short time, it risks losing customers to competitors who are up.

At ContinuitySA, we offer a variety of disaster recovery services. We can do a gap analysis to help you understand to what extent you must adhere to best practice in each aspect of ITDR as well as help identify those areas where there are short comings. We also specialise in disaster recovery coordination services that are designed to ensure that companies are able to effectively coordinate their ICT or full business recoveries with the professional facilitation of the testing process by qualified disaster recovery practitioners and best practices.

Why partner with ContinuitySA for disaster recovery services?

  • Peace of mind
  • End to end BCM integration
  • Technology agnostic and vendor independent
  • Flexible, scalable, proven solutions
  • Experience

Partner with us for disaster recovery services

The disaster might never happen, but who would want to bet everything they have worked on it? By enlisting a DR specialist onto your team, and a tested, fit-for-purpose DR capability, disaster recovery provides a great measure of assurance that your company will be able to continue servicing customers no matter what. Make sure they know it! Contact us for more information about our disaster recovery solutions today.

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