Disaster Recovery for IBM pSeries as a Service

Disaster Recovery for IBM pSeries as a Service

Many big companies rely on these classic, mid-range IBM workhorses, but they can present challenges when it comes to disaster recovery.

By Sasha Malic, Manager: Availability Services

IBM’s pSeries systems form the backbone of many high-transaction environments across a range of sectors, among them financial services, manufacturing, mining and retail. For many IT managers or CIOs, these reliable systems are simply indispensable when it comes to processing large amounts of data. It therefore follows that to ensure business continuity and rapid recovery from any disaster, provision has to be made for them.

That can be something of a challenge. These are expensive systems, so simply purchasing one and putting it in one of your secondary data centres does not generally provide a viable solution. Aside from the expense, this simply isn’t good enough: the secondary site is often in the same area as the primary one, often even in the same office park, and so both could equally be down at the same time.

More to the point, the IBM pSeries is typically part of a hybrid enterprise environment, usually with a significant Wintel component. True disaster recovery has to cover the whole environment end to end. The disaster recovery process also has to be carefully designed and regularly tested to ensure that, when disaster strikes, it will work—the time for discovering a fatal flaw is not when your production site is down!

To help clients solve this challenge and ensure that this vital element is properly integrated into an overall business continuity strategy, ContinuitySA offers disaster recovery for the IBM pSeries as a service. This has a number of benefits:

  • No upfront capital costs: Clients pay for the capacity they require on one of our systems.
  • Monthly OPEX cost covers all aspects such as maintenance, AIX licence and bringing up your system in preparation for testing or invocation.
  • Syndication: Thanks to virtualisation, costs are reduced still further as one physical machine can host several systems.
  • Additional Wintel systems can be combined into the solution to offer an end to end recovery of your entire environment.
  • Hosted in a full disaster recovery site: Because the service is offered by ContinuitySA, Africa’s leading provider of business continuity solutions, the service is not provided from an ordinary data centre, but one used for our full disaster recovery services. As such, it is professionally managed in line with ISO 22301 (the standard for business continuity) as well as the Business Continuity Institute’s Good Practice Guidelines. This means it is designed and managed to be resilient and to act as the solution of last resort for all our clients—and is guaranteed to work when it is needed.

So if your business depends on one or more IBM pSeries to keep it running, make sure they are fully recoverable in the event of a disaster. Contact us for your pSeries as a Service needs.

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