Controlling the cost of continuity

Controlling the cost of continuity

Forty-six percent organisations cite cost as a reason for not having a business resilience plan in place. What are the solutions?

Lindie Crous, Senior Client Executive, ContinuitySA

Implementing an end-to-end continuity programme can be a costly undertaking for any organisation, regardless of its nature or size. While larger organisations may have more resources available to them than smaller organisations, the sheer size and complexity of the organisation can make implementing a business resilience plan an onerous undertaking, both in terms of money and management time.

In order to minimise the burden and control the cost of implementing a resilience plan, organisations should limit the scope of the initial implementation. The idea would be to roll out resilience planning to the entire organisation over an extended period of time, based on the capacity and resources available.

Following this approach, the initial scope of implementation should be limited to the organisation’s most critical functions or areas. What these  functions are can be determined by top management, as they would have the best view of which functions directly support the strategic objectives of the organisation, make up the organisation’s core business, and would have the most critical impact on the organisation should they be disrupted.

A continuity programme for the most critical areas should then be fully implemented in line with international best practice. This should include analysing the function’s key components and dependencies, designing recovery strategies applicable to each function, and implementing and validating continuity plans specific to that function.

Once resilience planning has been implemented for the most critical functions, implementation can be gradually rolled out to the entire organisation. The same basic approach could be followed, leveraging off the lessons learnt from the initial implementation.

In this way, an organisation is able to control the cost of business resilience planning to suit its budget and capacity.

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