ContinuitySA renews as Business Continuity Institute Premium Gold Partner

ContinuitySA renews as Business Continuity Institute Premium Gold Partner

ContinuitySA has renewed its Gold sponsorship as a Premium Gold Partner of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). The move is a sign not only of ContinuitySA’s commitment to the Institute but also to the industry as a whole, says Cindy Bodenstein, Marketing Manager at ContinuitySA.

The Business Continuity Institute is the leading global membership and certifying organisation for business continuity and resilience professionals.

“For just on 30 years, ContinuitySA has flown the flag for a professional, standards-based business continuity and resilience industry on the African continent,” she says. “Our partner on this journey has been, and continues to be, the BCI. Our continued gold premium partnership is a mark of the importance we place on that relationship.”

The development of the business continuity industry has tracked the increasing importance of ICT systems and their data, and the digitalisation of the business environment. In tandem, companies and government entities had to look beyond simple disaster recovery to understand the complex interdependencies between ICT and the business processes that it enables. The need for a professional cadre of advisors to help companies create and implement business continuity management plans and strategies became more acute, and so did the requirement for a set of global standards.

“The BCI continues to provide the intellectual leadership for the industry, and the professional framework for its practitioners,” she concludes. “Our membership of the Institute has been critical in establishing ourselves as a dominant provider of integrated end-to-end business continuity management and resilience services.”