ContinuitySA offers free BCI Good Practice Guidelines eLearning course as part of Business Continuity Awareness Week.

As part of the upcoming global Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW2013) from the 18-22 March 2013 ContinuitySA is offering the BCI Good Practice Guidelines eLearning Course, which has been made available by the Business Continuity Institute(BCI) at no charge to interested parties.

The course provides an introduction to the principles of Business Continuity Management and includes the BCM lifecycle with built in tests to check progress which will help those new to the discipline who want an overview of the subject matter or those who want support as they revise for the BCI Certificate (CBCI) examination.

The content is based on the six BCM Professional Practices found in the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG).

Module 1 – An Introduction – What is Business Continuity Management?
Module 2– GPG Section 1 – How do I establish and manage Business Continuity?
Module 3 – GPG Section 2 – How do I embed Business Continuity within the organization?
Module 4 – GPG Section 3 – How do I analyze the organization?
Module 5 – GPG Section 4 – How do I determine the strategies and tactics to use?
Module 6 – GPG Section 5 – What plans do I develop and how?
Module 7 – GPG Section 6 – How do I improve the organization’s Business Continuity capability?

Module 8 – End of course Assessment.

The course will run at the ContinuitySA offices in Midrand on Monday March 18th from 08.00 to 16.00. The course will be facilitated by Lynn Jackson,  who will share practical guidelines as he goes through the individual modules.

To register contact Cindy Bodenstein, Marketing Manager for ContinuitySA on

For full details on all the ContinuitySA events supporting the BCAW including educational webinars and breakfast events click here.


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