ContinuitySA Botswana hosts the IT Service Continuity training course

ContinuitySA Botswana is hosting the IT Service Continuity Course in August 2013.

The two-day course is targeted at IT and Business Continuity Management (BCM) professionals responsible for the continued uptime of IT services within their organisations.

“Effective BCM focuses on ensuring companies have the ability to restore and continue critical business operations no matter what happens,” says Jacob Makgwesha Mothupi, Managing Director, ContinuitySA Botswana. “In today’s technology-intensive business environment, the ability to ensure IT services are available as and when required is non-negotiable.

“Yet, despite their best intentions, few operational experts are able to implement an effective BCM service without the appropriate training and insight into the world of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. This is where the Complete Continuity Academy plays a crucial role.”

Key elements of the IT Service Continuity Course include:

  • The link between BCM and IT Service Continuity Management;
  • The evolution of IT Service Continuity;
  • The latest concepts and trends in IT Service Continuity;
  • Conducting an Infrastructure Impact Analysis;
  • Formulating and implementing cost effective IT Service Continuity strategies to meet business requirements;
  • Security management in IT Service Continuity;
  • Testing the IT Service Continuity framework; and
  • A Continuity-as-a-Service case study.

Attendees will not simply be bombarded with theory, but will be taught skills proven in the real world by active BCM practitioners with MBCI (Member of the Business Continuity Institute) certifications. The course is based on the Good Practice Guidelines of the BCI and complies with the new standard ISO 22301 to ensure it is on par with international best practices.

“Effective Business Continuity will only become a reality in Africa once business leaders and managers have the requisite skills and understanding to drive the implementation of workable BCM solutions,” notes Jacob. “The IT Service Continuity course is another step in ensuring companies on the continent are capable of implementing BCM plans that meet the highest standards, ensuring their companies are ready for any emergency.”

The IT Service Continuity course will be held on the 13th and 14th August 2013.

For more information contact or call +27 11 554 8000.

For bookings please contact Jimama on +2673606600 or email


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