Continuity and Resilience Team award goes to ContinuitySA Global Centre of Excellence

Continuity and Resilience Team award goes to ContinuitySA Global Centre of Excellence

It’s second time around for this great team.

Individuals can be high performers, but only if they are backed by great teams—and that’s particularly true in business continuity. When the chips are down, and a big job needs to be done, it’s all down to the team. It was thus a particular pleasure to hear that the ContinuitySA Global Centre of Excellence scooped this award for Africa for the second time running.

The team is based in South Africa and uses the power of the network to provide specialist business continuity and disaster recovery services to clients of Dimension Data, its holding company, across the globe. These services include consulting, as well as the development and management of products. The Global Centre of Excellence also provides sales training to Dimension Data teams, and monitors service delivery.

As important, the Global Centre of Excellence acts as the go-to place for everything to do with business continuity and resilience across the Dimension Data group—a great resource that creates an institutional memory relating to this specialty field of knowledge.

Jeremy Capell, who heads up the Centre of Excellence team and is also General Manager of Advisory Services for ContinuitySA, was understandably very happy about the award. He said: “The ContinuitySA’s Global Centre of Excellence team is delighted and honoured by this recognition from the industry organisation. Setting up and running a global capability like this is challenging but also hugely rewarding because it enables us truly to leverage the specialist intellectual capital and experience of ContinuitySA to the benefit of clients across the world.”

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