Business continuity more important than ever

Business continuity more important than ever

Digital events to support Business Continuity learnings during this pandemic.

Every year, the Business Continuity Institute hosts a series of webinars to highlight the importance of business continuity, and how to make organisations more resilient. This year, the theme of the week is “We are stronger together”—a recognition of the fact that an effective crisis response depends on teamwork —and that’s why collaboration is the theme of this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week supported during the same week with a digital event with IRMSA.

The need for the whole organisation to be ready to respond to the unexpected has been underscored by the current COVID-19 emergency. It shows that the unexpected can occur and derail even the best-laid plans. To respond to crises of this magnitude, the organisation needs to be resilient as well are prepared—it must have built the capability to respond rapidly to changed circumstances. This kind of resilience is only possible if all the relevant parties within the organisation understand their roles in a crisis, and how to work together. Effective collaboration is critical in mounting a response to any crisis, but particularly one that is unexpected or unexpectedly severe.

“Business continuity cannot exist in a vacuum, and a good business continuity plan depends on close collaboration with the business to ensure that its risks and dependencies are fully understood and the most common risks mitigated,” says Cindy Bodenstein, Marketing Manager at ContinuitySA, Africa’s leading provider of business resilience services. “Organisations that know how to collaborate are better able to respond to any crisis, even one that it unexpected or on a massive scale.”

Alongside the global webinars taking place during Business Continuity Awareness Week, the Institute of Risk Management South Africa will be hosting its first digital event on 21 May 2020 themed Business Continuity Management is not a project, it’s a culture. Part of its series of digital events, this unique event, sponsored by ContinuitySA, will feature a dynamic line up of industry experts and thought leaders in order to explore what business continuity management means in the current risk management landscape, and what it will mean for all professionals and organisations going forward. Michael Davies, CEO of ContinuitySA, will deliver one of the keynotes at the IRMSA event.

This year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week will run from 18 to 22 May 2020, with a full series of webinars, research materials, case studies and reports.

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