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ContinuitySA is a leader on the African continent for Business Continuity Management solutions. Our team of qualified industry experts are skilled in helping our clients to prepare for and deal with any potential threats in order to aid the optimal functioning of their businesses. Part of our service offering is the ContinuitySA Business Continuity Management training and awareness solutions that help companies to prepare for the unexpected. The ContinuitySA training academy provides fully customisable and standardised training solutions for all aspects of Business Continuity Management, each tailored to address specific needs. Our practical and holistic approach to BCM is facilitated by seasoned business continuity professionals with practical industry experience.

What makes ContinuitySA your first choice as BCM training partner?

In order to cater more effectively to the real challenges and requirements of modern business, the world class ContinuitySA Business Continuity Management training academy offers an extensive and exhaustive range of training products. Through our many years’ experience in the industry, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and skills that we impart through our training programs, all of which are aligned with international good practice standards and are fully customisable to the specific requirements of each organisation. We have never believed in one-size-fits-all solutions and we won’t start now. Here are a few more reasons why ContinuitySA should be your BCM training partner of choice:

  • Practical focus – Our practical BCM knowledge is designed to be applied in the workplace. All training programs are tailored and customised to produce a bespoke training solution for your company.
  • Relevant – Training techniques include relevant case studies, examples and exercises that explain and illustrate the theory.
  • Experience – All training is presented by certified BCM practitioners and members of the BCI, bringing extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to the training sessions.
  • Compliance – Our BCM training courses are aligned with:
    • ISO 22313, ISO 22301, ISO 27031
    • BCI Good Practices Guidelines 2013
Why trust ContinuitySA with business continuity management training services?

We offer relevant and value-adding training services to our clients who will benefit from our bespoke training approach. Some of our many modules and courses include:

  • Employee awareness;
  • BCM for IT Professionals;
  • Two day Complete Continuity Practitioner Programme;
  • Five Day Continuity Practitioner Programme;
  • Crisis Management;
  • ICT Continuity Training; and
  • Other Customised Training packages.

For more information, please download our comprehensive ContinuitySA Training Courses document containing all the material you will need to make a fully informed decision about your company’s BCM training requirements. You can do this by filling out a form on our Contact Us page and enquiring about our various business continuity management training services. To learn how your company can benefit from partnering with ContinuitySA and how our continuity management training solutions will help your company to evolve to face a changing market successfully, contact us today at ContinuitySA.

Why ContinuitySA is your company’s best option:

  • Many years’ practical industry experience imparted through customised training programmes
  • Industry leader in BCM training services in Africa
  • Dedicated, professional and experienced staff at the ready
  • Unmatched bespoke training services provider

Products offered by ContinuitySA:

  • Employee awareness
  • BCM for IT Professionals
  • Two day Complete Continuity Practitioner Programme
  • Five Day Continuity Practitioner Programme
  • Crisis Management
  • ICT Continuity Training
  • Other customised training packages

Now you have found more information about our business continuity management training services, this is why you should partner with ContinuitySA:

  • Many years’ combined industry knowledge and on-the-job experience in BCM
  • Respected provider of business continuity management training services in South Africa
  • Quality tuition from working industry professionals
  • Affordable products and services that will benefit your company
  • Trained and seasoned professionals and experts to advise and assist you and your employees

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