The mere fact that you are reading this article implies that the last days predicted by modern-day Mayans and other apocalyptic have not arrived on schedule. “In fact, the risks we all face as we go into 2013 are much more complex, and thus much more difficult to counter,” says Michael Davies, CEO of ContinuitySA, Africa’s leading provider of business continuity services. In what has become an annual exercise, Davies and members of his executive Read More
ContinuitySA, Africa’s largest business continuity service provider, has updated its training schedule for 2013 to continue to educate business professionals on the significance and practicalities of business continuity planning. The courses are aimed at IT and Business Continuity Management professionals to provide them with the skills and aspects of effective business continuity. “The key objective of these training courses is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to help them ensure that business is able Read More