The role of social media in business continuity can’t be ignored, says ContinuitySA. Not only can it support business continuity; it can also pose a continuity threat. “Social media can have a major impact on business continuity management. But even companies that don’t have a formal social media strategy need to take it into consideration in their risk management and business continuity planning,” says David Bollaert, senior BCM consultant at ContinuitySA, Africa’s largest end-to-end BCMRead More
Cloud services are bringing “no mess, no fuss” IT one step closer, making them one of the hottest topics in IT and business at present. But, says Shaheen Kalla, Manager of the Managed Services Department at ContinuitySA, many companies experience problems with the cloud because they fail to spec the right bandwidth for their requirements. “Cloud computing in general is all about connectivity, so it makes sense to spend time upfront making sure that yourRead More
Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and for many companies, large and small, a contact centre is the most important channel for interacting with them. And yet, despite its importance, few companies have a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place for their contact centre. Estimates vary, but it seems that there are around 160 000 contact centre agents working in South Africa, the majority of them in small contact centres withRead More
ContinuitySA Botswana is hosting the IT Service Continuity Course in August 2013. The two-day course is targeted at IT and Business Continuity Management (BCM) professionals responsible for the continued uptime of IT services within their organisations. “Effective BCM focuses on ensuring companies have the ability to restore and continue critical business operations no matter what happens,” says Jacob Makgwesha Mothupi, Managing Director, ContinuitySA Botswana. “In today’s technology-intensive business environment, the ability to ensure IT servicesRead More
Fax remains a widely used technology in certain industries and geographies, and yet many companies have not taken advantage of new technology approaches to reduce costs and improve performance, says Rudy Sutton, solutions architect at ContinuitySA. The facts speak for themselves. More than 16 billion faxes are sent each year, accounting for 10.3 square miles of forest and adding unnecessary expense to the office budget. “Government, banking, finance and insurance are just three industries thatRead More