Business Continuity Management
Once seen primarily to protect against IT and building failure in white-collar industries, business continuity management is fast becoming an essential tool for manufacturers. “Business continuity management takes a much broader view than traditional disaster recovery and is now seen as an important framework for identifying and mitigating risk—something that is receiving closer attention from boards,” says Karen Humphris, business continuity management advisor at ContinuitySA. “It’s increasingly being used by manufacturing companies to help themRead More
Pandemic Policy
Over the years, the flu virus has demonstrated its ability to mutate into more virulent strains which can spread quickly. While the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 was the big killer—50 to 100 million people are thought to have died around the world—other pandemics have had severe impacts on productivity. The Centre for Disease Control in the United States estimated that a “medium-level” avian flu pandemic could have an economic impact of up $166.5 billion,Read More
Holistic approach to cyber resilience
Building a cyber resilient organisation requires a holistic approach that encompasses people, processes and technology. By Al de Brito, Senior Consultant: Advisory Services at ContinuitySA The Business Continuity Institute’s Horizon Scan for 2019 found that cyber-attack and data breach were the top threats for the coming 12 months. That’s a clear indication of the importance of IT and data to modern organisations—and the nature of the threats they face. Because the threat landscape is soRead More
Business Continuity Planning
Forty-six percent organisations cite cost as a reason for not having a business resilience plan in place. What are the solutions? Lindie Crous, Senior Client Executive, ContinuitySA Implementing an end-to-end continuity programme can be a costly undertaking for any organisation, regardless of its nature or size. While larger organisations may have more resources available to them than smaller organisations, the sheer size and complexity of the organisation can make implementing a business resilience plan anRead More
Value on Investment
Return on investment (ROI) isn’t what you should be looking at: the real metric is value on investment (VOI). By Karven Naidoo, Client Executive, ContinuitySA Clients often want to frame discussions about their business continuity and resilience plans and capabilities in terms of ROI. This is understandable because ROI is a common way of assessing whether a business is getting value for its money—but it is not universally applicable. In particular, it misses the pointRead More