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Business Continuity Management Training
ContinuitySA is offering a complimentary online Business Continuity Management training in an effort to create greater awareness for the actions and responses organisations need to take in planning and handling a disaster or incident like the global pandemic that is currently dominating our lives. The training is happening over two days from 9.00 – 11.00 on the 13-14 July and will cover a range of important topics which include: Introduction to BCMBCM TrendsThe BCM LifecycleRead More
Supplier Risks
In the third blog in our series on resource dependencies we take a fresh look at the third-party aspect of business continuity management with additional considerations highlighted by the onset of the COVID -19 pandemic. While business continuity planning originally focused on the continuity of an organisation’s own operations, the reliance on vendors and the impact of non-performance of these vendors on an organisation’s operations led to the inclusion of contingencies for critical third-parties asRead More
Importance of HR amid disaster
In continuation of our four-part blog series on key dependencies which support an adaptable Business Continuity Plan, we move on to look at what an HR response could entail in light of lessons being learnt in the current pandemic. The management of human resources during a crisis is multifaceted and typically managed in three parts of a holistic Business Continuity Management response. The initial Emergency Response focusing on the immediate need for safety of staff.Read More
When disaster strikes, collaboration is vital in helping to activate an effective response and recovery. By Movashan Moodley, Senior Consultant: Advisory Services, at ContinuitySA. When an organisation is in the throes of a crisis of any kind, the ability of its business continuity team to collaborate with each other and the rest of the staff is a critical success factor in mounting an effective response, and ultimately recovering. However, truly effective collaboration can’t just beRead More
Corporate IT departments and service providers like ContinuitySA alike can rely on ITIL to manage this complex new environment. By Keolopile Kodisang, Cloud Engineer, ContinuitySA Organisations are moving into the cloud for good reason—cost saving comes into it, but even more important is the flexibility and scalability needed to respond rapidly to a constantly shifting business environment. Today’s corporate IT estates now sprawl across a heterogeneous environment that encompasses in-house and third-party data centres, andRead More