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Forced virtualisation in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdowns may turn out to be more than a temporary inconvenience. By Al de Brito, Senior Consultant: Advisory Services, ContinuitySA After a long six months, as South Africa moves into Level 1 lockdown, organisations reflect on the changes that were made and ponder their relevancy going into the future. One such area of change has been the digital transformation of training and conference events. One might haveRead More
5 steps to business resilience
2020 has seen more people speaking of “resilience” than ever before. While some organisations are well underway on their resilience journeys, others still ponder what resilience really means and how to start building it, says Padma Naidoo, GM: Advisory Services at ContinuitySA. Amidst global economic pressures, many organisations do not have the funds, resources and time available to develop and implement comprehensive programmes to enhance resilience. With this in mind, here are some tips toRead More
Hybrid workplace

September 17, 2020

The hybrid future of work

A recent survey by ContinuitySA reveals how South African organisations responded to the challenges of lockdown—and what future working strategies are likely to be followed. By Karen Humphris, Senior Manager: Advisory, ContinuitySA The imposition of lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 emergency prompted organisations to move to a remote-working model. During July, ContinuitySA conducted a survey in an attempt to understand better the challenges created by this hurried move to a new operational modelRead More
Business Continuity Planning
The Covid-19 crisis has certainly put the spotlight on business continuity. While lockdowns and other imposed restrictions forced certain sectors to cease operating, a number of organisations continued to service customers and deliver products, with varying levels of success. For the latter, one may ask – did having a business continuity plan actually assist during this crisis? “The simple answer is ‘yes’,” says Padma Naidoo, General Manager: Advisory, ContinuitySA. Although the plans may not have consideredRead More
Call Centre
Don’t waste this opportunity to build resilience into your call centre operations—this won’t be the last crisis we face. By Neville Chamberlain, Business Development Manager, ContinuitySA The call centre industry as a whole deserves praise for its quick response to an emergency of which the full ramifications none of us anticipated. One hears amazing stories of large call centres of 1 700 agents being fully functional within a few short weeks—a project that, if planned, wouldRead More