Business Continuity Planning
Forty-six percent organisations cite cost as a reason for not having a business resilience plan in place. What are the solutions? Lindie Crous, Senior Client Executive, ContinuitySA Implementing an end-to-end continuity programme can be a costly undertaking for any organisation, regardless of its nature or size. While larger organisations may have more resources available to them than smaller organisations, the sheer size and complexity of the organisation can make implementing a business resilience plan an Read More
Value on Investment
Return on investment (ROI) isn’t what you should be looking at: the real metric is value on investment (VOI). By Karven Naidoo, Client Executive, ContinuitySA Clients often want to frame discussions about their business continuity and resilience plans and capabilities in terms of ROI. This is understandable because ROI is a common way of assessing whether a business is getting value for its money—but it is not universally applicable. In particular, it misses the point Read More
Thirty Years of business continuity Excellence
The name of our company is perhaps apt given the duration we’ve been in business. For over three decades, ContinuitySA has provided the tools, techniques, technologies and expertise to keep businesses running, no matter what. We’ve recently made a video to celebrate the fact. Thirty years is a pretty thorough demonstration of continuity, and across that time we’ve grown to become not only South Africa’s biggest provider of services to help make organisations resilient, but Read More
So, you’re using the cloud for an increasing number of applications and services? Great, but don’t be fooled: it’s not a substitute for backup. You need BaaS, backup as a service. By Michael Davies, CEO, ContinuitySA There’s a slow but steady move towards cloud computing in the corporate world, and for very good reason. But too many people assume that because their data and/ or applications are located in a professionally managed server farm somewhere Read More
Business Continuity Training
ContinuitySA, Africa’s leading provider of business continuity and resilience services, will be offering its popular five-day Complete Continuity® Practitioner Programme on 13-17 May 2017 at its offices in Midrand. This five-day course is perfectly designed to equip individuals with all the skills they need to design and implement a business continuity programme that delivers organisational resilience. “In today’s business climate in which downtime is unacceptable, continuity and resilience are keys to long-term success. Organisations of Read More