Become a Business Continuity Practitioner

Become a Business Continuity Practitioner

Take the five-day, in-depth ContinuitySA Complete Continuity® Practitioner training programme in 2018 to enhance your business continuity skills.

The growing emphasis on building business resilience is being driven by concerns about enhancing corporate sustainability in an increasingly risky world. Codes like King III and IV are rightly putting sustainability generally, and business continuity in particular, on the board agenda.

“All of this focus on business resilience means there is a burgeoning need for a new breed of business continuity professional, somebody who is able to design a business continuity management plan that is aligned with organisational strategies and risks, and that is managed and tested rigorously,” says Cindy Bodenstein, Marketing Manager at ContinuitySA.

“The ContinuitySA Complete Continuity® Practitioner Programme equips individuals with all the essential skills needed to design, implement and monitor a comprehensive and credible business continuity programme.”

The course runs over five days, and offers attendees a good mix of theory and practice to ensure they can put what they have learned into practice. It will be offered on 12-16 February, 16-20 April, 23-27 July and 15-19 October.

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